" I envision my country to be one where the rule of law is upheld, corruption is uprooted, human rights are guaranteed , and religious freedom is advocated for not only within Nepal but beyond its borders too. I also have a dream that religious minorities in Nepal will gain access to high ranks in the judiciary and in government institutions. We have much to offer to the country’s development. "

―  Ganesh Shreshtha, Lawyer, Nepal

“Well, to be honest drawing a vision for future in Afghanistan has become a bit complicated. But still we need to have vision for our country. I hope to see our country not just with religious freedom but with a full democracy. And that is only possible with improving education levels and increase people’s awareness. But in advance we need to pray very strongly for peace to take over.”

― Young human rights activist • Kabul

" As a human rights lawyer, my vision and hope for the religious minorities in Bangladesh is for them to be mainstreamed in society as per the provisions of our constitution and existing laws. For the protection of our minorities, we should also have a separate government ministry addressing their welfare.”

― Farzana Mahmood, Dhaka

“My vision is to transform the culture of the society in Pakistan from isolation to connectivity, from fragmentation to common direction, from being disbanded faith groups to a harmonized interdependent community. The various layers of society should be open to mutual learning through dialogue and the cross pollination of ideas.”

― Zakir Paul Hussain • Lawyer • Pakistan

“I am someone who believes in Human Rights as a lifestyle. I have a dream that everybody in my country can live as equals, and live in happiness. An impartial judiciary, politicians with clarity and genuineness and people that believe in coexistence will lead us towards the goal.”

― Lakshan Dias , Lawyer  Sri Lanka

“The Government of Maldives has a responsibility to open up space for civil society and human rights actors in the country, so that they are able to operate freely and without fear of reprisals.”

― Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

"The Royal Government (of Bhutan) believes that without the enjoyment of all human rights, Gross National Happiness, to which it is also deeply
committed, cannot be achieved” 

– Bhutan’s National UPR report, 2009

“I long to see an India where the rights of every religious and ethnic minority is protected; where no one has to fear the consequences of admitting their faith; where justice is guaranteed for the poor as much as it is for the rich and powerful. I hope to see India serve as an example of religious harmony to the rest of the world..”

― Blessy Prasad • Indian journalist

Peace Building
The journey towards this community led initiative has been long in the making. We are a network of local communities who want to share an alternative story to the messages of violence between communities and bring change through Peace Building.
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